Amsterdam beer: expertly brewed

Find out all about the craftsmanship of our brewers and their traditional brewing methods which give Amsterdam beers their intense flavour. Our brewers have been perfecting their skills for years to create flavourful beers with character and power. Their craftsmanship has given birth to Navigator, Maximator Detonator and Liberator.

Brewing tank - Amsterdam beer

Our brewers

Our brewers bring together their expertise and craftsmanship every day to produce Amsterdam range of speciality beers and give them the intense flavour that sets them apart.

Ingredients - Amsterdam beer

Raw materials – Natural ingredients

Malt, hops, water and yeast, the selection of these natural and high-quality ingredients is an essential part of the process of brewing Amsterdam beer. To this we add fruity and spicy notes to lift its intensity and add an extra flavourful flavour.

Our ingredients
Brewing method - Amsterdam beer

Brewing secrets

A step-by-step guide to how we brew our beer. Discover the secrets to the brewing of Amsterdam beer with natural and high-quality ingredients and a traditional brewing method: From malting to canning.

Brewing secrets