Maximator Beer

A beer with a strong taste and caramel flavors

Maximator is the most intense of the Amsterdam range of beers. It’s a bottom-fermented Dutch lager weighing in at 11.6% ABV. The power and the intensity of its flavour make it Amsterdam's benchmark beer.

Conceived by the Amsterdam master brewer following the success of Navigator, it broadens the range, whilst faithfully conserving the maritime tradition inspired by the brand’s heritage.
Capacity: 500ml (50 cl).
octopus sketch maximator - Amsterdam beer


Maximator is a lightly carbonated, ochre-coloured beer with orange reflections and a thick, white head.


A fusion of fruity and sugary aromas redolent of caramel. An intense and full-bodied beer with an enticing and marked hop aroma.


A blend of fruity aromas and pronounced notes of caramel and liquorice. An explosion of flavours in the mouth, defined by its power, strength and intensity.