Adventuror beer

The lightest of our beers. Brewed with abbaye yeast, and with high fermentation.

A high fermented blond beer brewed with Abbaye yeast.
The Adventuror beer is the newest of our Amsterdam beers range, but also the first one brewed in a traditional way, with high fermentation.

The Abbaye yeasts give to our beer a unique taste, and the lightest alcohol degree makes it easier to drink.

Capacity : 500 ml (50cl)
Emblème Adventuror


Adventuror has a blond or even slightly copper color.


The Abbaye yeasts gives to Adventuror Beer citrusy aromas but also malt and barley notes.


The brewing of Amsterdam Adventuror with a high fermentation, gives to each sip a fruitful taste. The notes of pineapple, orange peel and peach make a very balanced taste, enhanced by a slight bitterness. Tasting Adventuror Beer is a rich and full experience.